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Experience Collab Ltd takes over XLACollab International Inc

Experience Collab will take over the reins at XLACollab and usher in a new generation of experience management competence.

The past four years have seen an explosion of executive interest in experience management. XLACollab has played a leading role in building and expanding the understanding of experience management and XLAs for all types of organizations.

Now that employee experience, supplier experience, digital experience, and customer experience are all mainstream topics, it is time for a new leg of the journey.

Neil Keating will assume the CEO role of the new company, and the founders of XLACollab, Alan Nance, Lisa Schwartz and Bill Barrett will continue their support and contribution as Board advisors. This will ensure continuity while bringing a new focus to the market as XLAs continue to become mainstream and experience management education expands to all continents.

Experience Collab will continue the partnerships with TSO, APMG, and all the accredited training and consulting organizations.


Neil has been at the forefront of experience management for over five years and has worked closely with XLACollab throughout this time. With his team, Neil has been running XLA Education, Experience Assessments and has years of practical consultancy application having implemented Experience Management and XLAs to all types of organizations both large and small.

Neil Keating says: “The experience and XLA market has exploded over the last few years and I am very excited to be picking up the baton from the excellent team at XLACollab and looking forward to continuing to work with all our global education and consulting partners and help them grow their businesses and bring experience management and XLAs to more and more companies.”

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