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Experience Practitioner

Course Level

As the final, practitioner level, we would require attendees to have already completed their essentials and foundation course.


Our partners typically deliver our courses online via video conferencing tools.

Our third and final course, Experience Practitioner is designed to enable delegates to build and manage XLAs. This is a hands-on, practical class detailing how to design the right XLAs for your business needs and how they need to be managed through an Experience Management Office (XMO). The class follows our XLA Design Methodology with practical sessions at each stage.

Experience Practitioner will cover essential learning points such as:
- Recap on core Experience Frameworks
- Including a practical session designing an XLA Stack™ for a fictional airline
- Welcome to the XLA Design Methodology
- Different types of XLAs
- Applying the methodology (including practicals at each step):
- Experience Now Review
- Experience Ambition Creation
- Gathering X-Data (Experience Data)
- Building Underpinning Data (O and T Data)
- Scoring and Weighting the Measures
- The Experience Reference Matrix (XRM™) – how the data points come together
- Making XLAs operational – welcome to the XMO
- XMO Mission and Scope
- Detailing Roles and Competencies
- Experience Management Governance
- XMO Designs

Class Length:
Experience Practitioner is a two-day class, with daily timings set out by the ATO.

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