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Experience Foundation

Course Level

One step after essentials, one before practitioner, foundation builds upon the essentials and enables you to take the step towards practitioner level.


Our courses are typically taught online by our certified partners

For those wishing to build upon the what and why of experience essentials, we now take you on an experience journey and begin to build the how of experience management.

This class is designed as the entry point into delivering Experience Management for organisations. This fully immersive class focuses on the Experience Management Optimisation Framework™ which covers the journey to measuring experience for an organisation.

This course will cover essential learning points such as:
- What is Experience Management
- How to Measure Experience (including the Experience Management Frameworks)
- Six Stepped Experience Management Optimisation Framework, covering the journey approach to experience with education and practical's for each stage including:
- Evangelise
- Explore
- Envision
- Enable
- Execute
- Embrace
- What to do next – practical steps for beginning your journey

Class Timings
Experience Foundation is a three-day class with daily timings set out by the ATO.

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