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Experience Essentials

Course Level

Experience Essentials is the starting point for all organisations and individuals looking to improve the experience of their employees.


Our partners and instructors typically teach our courses online via video conferencing tools.

The starting point for all organisations new to employee experience, our essentials certification will outline the what of experience and spark that lightbulb moment.

Experience Essentials provides delegates an excellent interactive taster into Experience and Experience Management. We cover all the Experience Management Frameworks and how they should be applied and provide the attendee an overview of why they should be considering experience. This is an interactive, practical class giving the attendee a good understanding of Experience principles.

This course will cover essential learning points such as:
- What is Experience?
- Why is Experience important?
- The Arts and Science of Experience
- How to measure Experience
- Experience Management Framework™
- XLA Stack™
- Building Experience Ambitions (Practical Exercise)
- Experience and ITSM
- What are Experience Level Agreements (XLAs)
- XLAs v SLAs
- XLA Versions
- XLA Structure
- Building an XLA (Practical Exercise)
- An introduction to the Experience Optimisation Framework Journey™

Class Timings
Experience Essentials is a one-day class with timings set out by the ATO.

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